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Let softness and heat wrap you around in order to ressource yourself. Breath out to release the accumulated stress. Find the wellbeing and the pleasure of living....

COCOON, it's also a team in FRANCE.


Everyday from 10.00pm to 21.00am. CONTACT or by PHONE: +30 697 732 9350

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Workshop tantric massage, tantra and shamanism in Athens.

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Cocoon considers the practice of Tantra essential to tantric massage. It confers to the massage its essence because it allows open mindedness, an open-hearted state and a high quality of awareness to yourself and the other.

These practises of Tantra can support a regular work on yourself through tantric structures such as active Osho meditations, psycho body approaches and shamanic experiences of breathing. These practices create a sense of sacredness in every gesture and sensory perceptions, participate to liberate ourselves from ancient hindrances and beliefs two keys to really appreciate the tantric massage.

A telephone interview is required.

Workshops open to single people or couples.

In Athens 'Women for life'' Grigoriou Xenopoulou 10, Neo Psihiko.

4 WE in the year. To allow a gradual, complete and deep discovery of tantric massage. In every workshop the previous structure of the massage is being repeated so as every new participation to be allowed.


Spring-Summer Session:

16/17 February, 23/24 March, 20/21 April, 01/02 June.

Autumn-Winter session

28/29 September, 26/27 October, 30 November/01 December, 18/19 January 2020.

Participation: 135€ for a WE .
(All massage equipment is provided.)

Confirm your participation by sending a deposit: 50€ (Enter your name and "Tantric massage in Athens").

Summer workshops in Greece
July 14nd to 20th: Evia Island
August 18th to 24th: Corfu Island

allows the trainee not only to regain joy and pleasure for living but also to broaden the range of possibilities restricted by the « myself - I - me » Tantric exercises are useful here to water ego rigidities with acute consciousness and eventually dissolve them. The dancer melts into the dance, he becomes the dance.

The tantric massage targets three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual, in order to find this feeling of unity which connects us with the divine. By reunifying us, it frees us from the guilt feeling which cuts us from life. Tantric massage is like the text of Osho: Love, opening and abandonment. The tantric massage is at the same time sensual, tender and spiritual and very ressourcing since it is practised while being centered and being connected to the vital energy, which functions as a source whose flow irrigates all the chakras and gives the force to open one's heart and spirit.

This breathing becomes as a breeze on which your conscience flies away and widens. This change of plan of conscience then enables you to change your way of seeing life. The mechanism of the " Cure " is then started and you feel in you the laughter, and a joy which you had sometimes lost for a long time.

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