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COCOON, it's also a team in FRANCE.


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Jean-Paul LACROIX, Cocoon, massage, tantra and shamanism

is a psychologist since 1977 and got his psychology Master at Paris VII university.
Masters NLP in 1991. Trained in Gestalt, Bioenergy, Rolfing, Family and systemic therapy 1981 to 1985,
Rebirth. From 1977 to 1985 he was head of a day hospital for autistic and psychotic children.
From 1985 to 2001, was a trainer for the hospital staff over France for 15 years.
Facilitator in a workshop of Emotional Body Painting at the Humanist psychology Congress of Paris in 1982,
he discoverd the Tantra of Osho at this time and then he practiced this with Sudheer Roche, disciple of Osho.
Tibetan and Ushui Reiki teacher in 2001.
Since 1999, he was trained to shamanism by a shaman Amazon for seven years .
He is the creator and manager of Cocoon, e-enterprise of home massages for Paris.
He has personally set the protocoles of tantric and Cocoon massages.

Argyro DAVANELOU, Cocoon, massage, tantra et chamanisme

From 2014 until now, trained by Cocoon in Tantric meditative massage, Tantra and Shamanism, I am a partner of the team delivering trainings and tantra massage in Patras and other places in Greece as well as abroad.
I am a certified Biodanza teacher in the Rolando Toro (SRT) system and I teach a group in Greece.
I started my spiritual search in 2005 as a member of the Meditation School in Patras.
From 2010 to 2014 I have been trained in various methods of alternative therapies and techniques.
I got the degrees of Usui Reiki.
In 2014, I was trained in Ayurvedic massage.
In 2014, at the Osho center in Lesbos, I discovered Osho's meditative therapies, and then followed my training for "Osho Born Again".

Julien LACROIX, Cocoon, massage, tantra shamanism

Soft skills trainer and stress management.
COACH NLP, specialized in respiratory coaching and the recovery of smell.
Attends Jean-Paul in massage and shamanic breathing courses,
Exercises and rituals in France, Greece and the USA.
Formed in Tantra by Sudheer Roche and the practice since 2001.
Practice Cocoon and Tantric massages since 2009.
Formed in the Peruvian shamanism by a shaman for six years.
Master Practitioner and Certified Coach in N.L.P. and practitioner in hypnosis.
Second degree of Reiki and trained at Shiatsu, Reflexology and Tuina.
Nurse and Chinese energy practitioner.
Speaks French, Spanish and English.

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